49 Forever

49 FOREVER February update

By Doug Foerster

Last Thursday?s meeting was eventful with excellent speakers.

1) Michelle Burton gave a presentation concerning the up-coming July RCMP Musical Ride. It will be a spectacular event with an excellent program surrounding the main event.

Lots of help is needed in various areas, so call Michelle or Crys White for participation.

2) From City Hall; Councillors Larry White; Pernell Kirby and Brian Sipe discussed Health , Community and Seniors issue. (All three venues are related and comprise a major consideration with this Council ? naturally!)

Questions and answers were excellent and gave clear indications as to :

Dental ? Councillor Kirby was extended a unanimous support for adding essential piping etc to the Health Center facilities. The cost (approximately $100,000.00 ) was discussed with more information to follow. Letter of endorsement to follow from 49 Forever for support to further investigation was approved.

Some questions were: a) The possibility of adding a second level to the existing Health Center to accommodate increased Medical, Dental and other related needs, b) Conferring a bonus package to undergrads in Dentistry ie; 5 year commitment in exchange for cash advances to tuition etc.

c) Confirmation of cost for alteration to existing facilities at the Health Center to a Dental office.

Thanks to Councillor Kirby for his passionate support for this initiative.

3) Councillor White discussed the future attraction of railway travel to Tumbler Ridge by a group who are travelling with golf cart sized rail vehicles ?possibly 15 or so in number. A first for this area and a distinctly new approach to fun travel as a group. Billets will be required and more info from Larry/Crys White.

Also, Assisted Living modules were discussed in brief. This issue is essential to the Town?s maturity and all Councillors present were involved in the data already advanced by Doug Foerster and Ann Jewra. It was a natural extension of the senior?s position within Tumbler Ridge and the TR Hospice and Palliative Care overview. This will be discussed further with the Councillors. All were keen to approach this issue at the earliest possible time. A further meeting will be scheduled with the proponents.

Other business saw the retirement of two of the stalwarts of the group from the Board due to various reasons ( fright?).

President Jules Jewra passed the ? interim? torch to an unwitting Doug Foerster ( again?), and Joyce Stenvall retires as Treasurer after five years of active participation. Both are leaving in the near future and called for successors. Seriously, they will be missed in the community as both are VERY involved in the various groups ?too many to name here, but we know they will be hard to replace.

People wishing to get involved with Program etc ? call Doug @ 242-5870.

Highly paid positions are available for Treasurer, Secretary and V.P.

Renewed Affirmation of 49 Forever Objectives.

The 49 Forever formation was initially contrived by Janet Hartford and Fern Iles some years ago as a get-together for newer people to meet and ?get to know each other? as well as become familiar with the community.

?49? is a term used to generally provide a time line ? not necessarily senior, but for those with community as well as personal ?togetherness? in mind.

Through the years, many people have attended the meetings ? 6 P.M. with food or 7 P.M. for speakers, films etc- and, as time progressed, became friends with others of similar likes and activities, and close relationships have resulted.

The participants enjoyed not only the companionship, but also the incentives to enhance the community in a huge number of ways that characterized the spirit of the ?New Town? atmosphere


Several remarkable groups ( Societies) have evolved from this ?core? group and continue to exist on their own.

Many speakers have given of their time and personal experiences concerning the many different aspects of the town and surroundings. The results have been a remarkable increase in the values gained by a knowledge of goings-on as well as participation in the multi facets of the area ? out-doors as well as in-doors.

New attendees are welcome ? no membership dues per se.

Meetings are ever 3rd Thursday of the month in Rm #5 in the Community Centre.

Programs will be advertised in advance in the NEWS.

Requests for programs are welcomed also.

Keep in touch!