The April 20 th meeting of the group went well, as usual.

Special speaker was Mr. Dave Price who covered the Senior?s situation visa vie the Care Facilities and options available to us at the present time as well as future considerations, problems and possible improvements to the System via Northern Health.

Community awareness and facilitation of a future looking System was also covered, with reference also to the presentation of Pres. Doug to Council members and Committee of the Whole regarding an Assisted Living initiative.

This Initiative would include professional, Commercial , Residential, Palliative Care ( Emergency Accommodation) as well as designed Assisted ( Physical) Living Apartments, at little or no direct cost to the town.

This recommendation is currently before Council for further discussion and ACTION.

Discussion was directed at the retention of Senior population who are looking to the Future regarding Health issues, which includes TR Accommodation when the above Needs arise.

A video ? TAKE A GIANT STEP? was viewed. This is the B.C. Gov?t. Video of the making of TUMBLER RIDGE: the Constructionand implementation of the protocols necessary for the Coal production.

Also a B.C. Rail Video covering the remarkable development of the special Trains and System for the transport of the Coal.

We are saddened by the passing of a stalwart member and ?telephoner? Bill Cooksly.

He was so looking forward to the ongoing operations of the 49 forever Group with it?s various opportunities for enrichment in the Community, and wanted to do ?whatever called upon?.

He also, just, became a Trained Volunteer with the TR Hospice and Palliative Care Society, as well as being a ?spark-plug? with the Transportation initiative of TR Cares Society.


Our thoughts and remembrances of his worth are with his Family and, in particular to daughter Dawn, who continually ?backed him up?.

Next meeting will be on May 18th Rm #5, Community Centre. Meet and munch at 6 P.M. with program at 7 P.M.

49 Forever welcomes new members. Call Doug Foerster if you are interested in joining this fun group. You do not have to be ?49?. Any age is welcome. Email dwhizz@pris.ca or call 242-5870.