Just a few words covering the new session of the meeting of 49?ers.

To start the season the group met at 6 P.M. ( as usual every 3 rd Thursday of the month), and ?glutted? through some great, and tasty, morsels.

The program was quiet ?mood music?, by Yanni, though somewhat distorted by the system, but recognizeable and appreciated until the announcements began.

A financial statement was read and also some fun hand-outs regarding life in general ( and some specifics).

Program consisted of an up-date, by Pres. Doug of the TR Hospice/Palliative Care Society?s initiatives of Hospice House as well as an in-depth proposal of another initiative of reviving a Certification Program of Home/Residential Care which is available through Northern Lights College and is a Provincial government sanctioned program.

This Course is a 25 week program with full accreditation ( Certification) for all of the needs of a Family from the Volunteer status offered by the TR Hospice Palliative Care Society, to the professional R.N., LPN.

The need for this ?intermediate? trained force is obvious when a Family is requiring special assistance ( basically full home care ) at an affordable cost.

This initiative is currently being presented to the Town Councillors, through the TRHPCS ? Grants-in-Aid ? application for 2008.

This request incorporates the Training and Support Costs (when required) of the successful trainees- both to the training of and utilization by families in need of their presence.

This initiative is being announced in order to find interested persons who are either trained in the many facets of Home Care or are interested in becoming trained for this Program.

Because of their Certification, families will be assured of competent, and trustworthy individuals, who are available at reasonable cost to enable family members to remain at home rather than being hospitalized because of home ?burn-out?.

The Costs and payment to these Home Care Certified individuals would be negotiated between the family and HCC person, with remedies possible for funding help from a ?Trust Fund? created for these differing situations -Training as well as support costs.

George Hartford presented an idea for the utilization of the unoccupied Claude Gallibois School. This was an opportunity to turn the Building, or part thereof, into an ?Assisted Living Complex? and as a Seniors ?Rendevous? (my word as an interpretation of the ?plan?).

He had first checked with the Lions Club for support ? in principle- and would be entertaining the P & P meeting of Council the following Tuesday night with his rendition.

We, as a whole, welcomed his initiative towards the needs of the community and its seniors.

Next meeting Thursday, Nov15 th @ 6.P.M. for ?vic?s? and 7 P.M. for program ? whatever that may be ? generally a surprise, however if people have a request ? please contact Doug@ 242-5870, or Ray @ 242-5437.