49 Forever

This is the first morning for a long time when our sky is not blue, wall to wall, and when I have actually seen the trees in the neighbour?s yard slightly bending in the wind. I know it tried to snow last Saturday but I had to go to Dawson to get my eyes tested so I didn?t really see Tumbler under cloudy skies. I had a friend who wrote a short note like ?rain? ?wind? ?sunny? and the temperature if it was noteworthy ?-45? at the top of every day on his wall calendar. I plan to do that as this year?s resolution but I haven?t started yet.

I seem to be going in all directions this week. Tonight is the monthly 49 Forever meeting so, of course, I will be going to it. I also hope to do a couple rows on my tablecloth. Actually I am now on row 59!!! There are only 106 rows altogether but it is round so every row gets longer. Obviously, it will not be finished for a ?house-warming? gift as the move-in day is just waiting for the carpet cleaning day–any day now. I haven?t really been in the house since the re-decorating has taken place. I hear it looks very nice and that the striped girls? rooms are great. I guess I still sort of feel ?this is my house? and may even feel worse when the gardens start blooming. I?m going to ease that event by getting someone to dig up my favourite plants from inconspicuous places or in spaces Rob and Juanita don?t plan to garden. Actually, I haven?t yet figured out how I will be able to garden; on my knees seems definitely out.

We have had many enthusiastic comments about Garret?s beautiful wood-work in the Gallery and, if you want to contact him, his phone number is 242 2355 or 242 4205. If you are a crafter or artist and would like to display your work just give me a call—Janet at 242 3915.

I have thought that a display of ?collections? would be interesting. By the time you are 49Forever you have probably collected something. I have never intentionally collected anything but over the years I have accumulated many similar items. One example is china cups–I must have at least seventy!! Some were gifts and some were inherited. I also have enough salt and pepper shakers to call them a collection–they have just accumulated over the years. What do you collect??? If you are willing to lend them to me I will put them in the Gallery later this spring. I think a collection of collections would make a very interesting display.

Sometimes George seems to be a collectible, but, please, I do not want any more!