49 Forever

I am writing this on Ash Wednesday which brings back memories of my youth. I suddenly realize that yesterday was Shrove Tuesday (or Mardi Gras loosely translated to fat Tuesday). It is the day before Lent starts and the last chance to eat as you regularly do so you can use up any fat you may have on hand by having pancakes. As a Sunday School attendee and a child brought up in a Christian home I learned that we should lead a more spartan life during the next forty days to remember Christ?s 40 days in the wilderness and to prepare us for Easter. (My life wasn?t that spartan really because during the Lent season we always got new clothes to wear to Church on Easter.)

Should I give up desserts for Lent?? Should I walk the ten blocks to Guides every Monday and save the cost of the street car to give to the Church or some other good cause!!! (Street car tickets were 10 for a quarter!!) Decisions, decisions. I think the thought put into this was more a reminder of Lent than the actual sacrifice. However, when Lent arrives, I still feel that I should give something up.

Do any of you??? If so, we could meet weekly for coffee and not have any coffee. Any takers? I?m serious. Phone me at 3915.

At the last meeting of 49 Forever, elections were held for a new slate of officers. The nominating committee chairman, Ivan Blimke, called for nominations from the floor and, after a difficult? time selecting the replacements, Janet Hartford was elected as chair. Mary Buist will continue as vice chair. Doug Foerster will be the immediate past president, Joyce Stenvall will continue as treasurer and three of the four members of the phoning committee have agreed to continue with their tasks of informing the members of upcoming events. A bit of misinformation caused the position of secretary to be selected without informing the candidate. This has caused a gap in the executive. If you, or someone you know, is willing to be the secretary of this informal group, please let me know and I will be ever so grateful. A new committee has been formed to take care of setup and running of the monthly supper. Blaise Bressers will take care of the door, and George will be general factotum, whatever that may be. Florence Stirling has agreed to assist because she has no idea what George will try to do and wants everything to go smoothly.

If you still have your name tag please bring it to all future meetings or get a new one. Joyce is looking after this matter. Plans are being made to have the third Thursday of March for the supper at 6:00 pm in room five. Any newcomers or oldtimers(?) are invited to come out.