Sorry for the lateness of this epistle, but we were away for a while at the B.C. Hospice and Palliative Care Conference in Surrey, B.C. right after the 49 Forever meeting last month.

As the TR Hospice and Palliative Care Society owes its beginnings to the 49 Forever Group, it is pertinent to report its success here.

As a part of the Provincial, and National, awareness re Palliative Care and its position in Society concerning young and old(er), the Fraser Health authority held this Conference for Health Care Professionals and Volunteers alike, to integrate the groups as well as inform and teach new practices and data of all kinds to assist Societies and others incorporated within the Health Care systems ? Fraser Health, Northern Health etc.

We were fortunate to have 7 persons from the Society there representing the Volunteers as well as Health Care professionals (who are also Volunteer members) and our School Board Trustee, who is also our Society Secretary.

Grief touches all ages and it also impacts the young ? often without warning.

Much was to be learned, and our thanks to the Town Council for their participation in interest and funds assist. In particular Councillors Sipe, Kirby and White ? we are fortunate that these Councillors hold portfolios that cover our particular interests.

A report will be made to Council following this outstanding Conference. The next bi-annual Conference by Northern Health is anticipated.

Questions and/or view of the agendas and papers given at these Conferences are available by request ? Doug Foerster or Sherry Berringer will gladly review these with you.

There! What a great Conference, as anticipated, and thanks to the forward-looking Councillors for its inclusion in the affairs of the Community.

Back to the start of this report of the 49 Forever get-together;

Following an acknowledgement, and sadness of the passing of hard-worker Bill Cooksley, whose presence will be missed Councillor Larry White gave a stellar performance concerning: Family Park progress and planning, R.C.M.P. Musical Ride Executive worker, and multi other facets which are included within the afore-mentioned ?Hats?-from Bear Awareness to Community Forests, to Monkman Park- Cascades, and Senior?s interests, such as Parking and Elevator in the Community Centre.

A very informative question period followed with many aspects of Community Life covered and, in particular, the question of the Future Landscape of the Town and its environs.

Many thanks Larry, for this presentation, and, as Seniors Portfolio holder on Council, we, as a group appreciate your unstinting, ever-ready, interest, sincerity, and imagination.

A request was made for volunteers to assist with the various functions involved at the Musical Ride ? July 29.