49 Forever

Happy New Year to all! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas too. We certainly did. All of our four children (with spouses) were home as were all 8 grandchildren–aged 3 to 15–and together they decorated the Christmas tree, wrapped any presents that we had yet to get too, stacked everything under the tree and filled stockings.

Then on Christmas day the oldest of the grandchildren, Jordan 15 and Elizabeth 13, handed out the gifts. After lunch and while the youngest and oldest of us were napping, Doug and Nicola took over the kitchen and enlisted help from their children or siblings and George and I just stayed out of the way. We were up early the next day as Doug and his boys (7 and 11) had to catch the morning flight out of Fort S. John to get back to Victoria. The others left soon after and we were back to normal–just George and I. Fortunately, we had grandchildren (and their parents) just half a block away.

So now it is 2004. Have you made your New Year's Resolutions yet? I sort of gave that up some years ago as I never kept them. Now there is no point making them as I would probably forget them. One resolution I will make is to get this column in earlier each week. (Loraine please note this). In a previous column I quoted from a book I am reading (How to Live Between Office Visits). One of the suggestions the author makes is that as soon as you wake up you decide what you can do today that will help someone else. So many people have been giving us food (thanks Sharon) and flowers and doing so much for us like shoveling the sidewalk and clearing the driveway that we can never thank them enough–or do anything in return. Right now I'm crocheting a small afghan for a child at Ronald McDonald House. This project was started after I had a talk with Margaret Ash who is involved in many volunteer activities. This is something I can do while I sit with my feet up. There are many things that I can't do. While looking in the blue Winter Events list I see two I already participate in and thoroughly enjoy–Happy Hookers and the Community Choir. They are both on Wednesdays. If you like to crochet, knit, embroider or just have tea and goodies while chatting with old friends or making new ones, just come to Room 1 after 1:00pm any Wednesday. Bring a toonie for the tea. Then at 7:30 come to Room 3 and join the Community Choir. It is open to all adults whether they can sing or not! (I know so I just stand beside Barb and try to follow her.) I have just mentioned two activities that even the disabled can enjoy.

Once again I suggest you look in the blue book. You can book every morning by joining Aqua Fit (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and Adult Co ed Fitness (Tuesday and Thursday) . The person in our household who attends Aqua fit let it slip that they only do exercises for most of the hour and then sit in the hot tub chatting. Badminton and curling are also available. Java Jive, Itchy Foot etc etc are all mentioned in the blue book. Without even thinking I realize that I have suggested 2 New Years resolutions for you. (1) Do something for someone else every day (2) Be more active in Community Activities Happy New Year!