50 Health Officials tour the Tumbler Ridge Museum on way to conference

Lynsey Kitching


Recently Tumbler Ridge was the main stop on the bus tour of 50 medical health officers in BC to their annual conference being held in Fort St. John. Dr Charl Badenhorst, Medical Health Officer for the Peace Region, managed to convince them that instead of the annual conference being held in Vancouver, as it always has, that they would all come up to Fort St. John for the two day conference. Dr. Charles Helm says, “This in part had to do with the 2013 conference theme, which includes the need for industry in rural BC to contribute to the health and other infrastructure of the resource-based communities and regions in which they operate.”

The delegates included the President of the BC Medical Association, Ministry officials, mayors, and other VIPs flew to Prince George, then embarked on a team-building bus trip through the Pine Pass to Fort St. John, stopping occasionally en route to pick up and drop off speakers.

Dr. Helm says, “Dr. Badenhorst became aware of the Tumbler Ridge Museum project, the Dinosaur Discovery gallery and the Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre, and was so impressed by it and the potential it holds for economic diversification in Tumbler Ridge and the region that he arranged for the bus to take a detour through Tumbler Ridge to spend a hour in the facility,” he continues, “Rich McCrea and I were picked up near Gwillim Lake and spoke to the VIPs on the bus, then once at the museum, with Lisa Buckley also present, we took them around the Gallery, collections area and preparation lab. Refreshments were served.”

Mayor Wren welcomed the group and Councillor Litster, who also attended the conference, was present as she is in charge of the Health Portfolio on Council.

Dr. Helm says, “It was a great visit, and the VIPs left with gift packages and an appreciation for the uniqueness of Tumbler Ridge and the potential of the proposed Tumbler Ridge Geopark for the province and Canada.”