75% of Business Lost Due to Lack of Follow Up

During the past twenty years as a strategic marketing expert, Jen DeTracey, founder of Lift Strategies Inc. has discovered time and time again that follow up is critical to the success of any small business. Marketing campaigns become irrelevant when an organization does not put focused efforts into follow up. As a result, 75% of business opportunities are lost due to lack of follow up.

There are three critical areas in which follow up is necessary for small business success:




Sales – Good marketing strategies and strong promotions should increase call volumes and business traffic, yet if the front-line staff does not have the ability to convert prospects into customers then the efforts are lost. Sales skills are an essential part of doing business, and often this comes down to asking the right questions, developing rapport and providing helpful solutions.

Frequency ? Many forms of promotion, including email marketing and advertising, require frequency. Sending out an email blast once or running one ad will rarely generate business. Our role as business owners is to maintain regular contact with our prospects and customers. Frequency can be an effective follow-up method of building relationships with those we want to do more business with.

Maintenance ? It costs up to 15 times as much to get new customers as it does to keep the ones we?ve got. Maintenance marketing is a great way to stay connected to the customers you love. This can be done through thank-you cards, lunches, emails, special offers and follow-up phone calls. The number of ways to follow up with our customers is endless. If your company does not have a maintenance marketing plan in place then it is at risk of losing exponential business opportunities.

Jen DeTracey, one of Canada?s Top Marketing Strategists will be presenting ?The 5 Marketing Essentials To Getting 50% More LIFFT? For Your Business? on Thursday, October 8th at the 5th Annual Northeast BC Community Coal Forum. For more information call the District of Tumbler Ridge Community Development Department at (250) 242-4242. This program walks business owners and decision makers through a proven five-step marketing process and incorporates follow-up strategies into the plan session during this half-day workshop.

Lift Strategies Inc. is a strategic marketing firm that works with companies wanting to accelerate their growth, and manage that growth, without overextending their resources and their people.

For more information contact:

Ray Proulx – Community Development Officer District of Tumbler Ridge

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