A call to youth: nine months of free travel awaits you

Vancouver, BC- Katimavik, Canada?s celebrated national youth service program, is seeking youth, ages 17 to 21, for a once-in-a-lifetime experience where they will travel across the country for nine months, live in three different cities, volunteer for a variety of non-profit organizations and make friendships that last a lifetime, providing an overall unforgettable adventure.

Are you looking for a productive way to take a year off school or need to accumulate volunteer experience hours for post-secondary school applications? Or are you just simply looking to travel and meet new people at a cost of next to nothing? Then Katimavik?s September nine-month program wants you.

Katimavik looks after:


·Travel expenses


Here?s what Katimavik participants are saying about the program:

Tabitha Comeau, a participant from Brandon, Manitoba, says the program helped her find some direction for her future. ? I was unsure what I wanted to do after high school and needed some time to think about it. Katimavik just kind of stuck out to me, ? Comeau explains. ?I know for sure now that I?m going to go to university. But the program helped me look at different aspects of things. I?m now looking into different types of design. I?ve always been interested in it, but organizing a fashion show for a second-hand store in Montreal made me realize that it?s something I could see myself doing as a career.?

Elsie Chow, 22, from Vancouver, BC, was a Katimavik participant in 2003. She says, ?Katimavik helps you grow as a person. It helps you take your life and your career to the next level by giving you confidence and hands-on experience.?

? I have learned more about myself in four months of Katimavik than in 20 years of my life,? says Nadine Toner, 20, a current Katimavik participant from Estevan, Saskatchewan. ?My entire life had been situated in Estevan, I?d never been anywhere else. Now I?ve flown on an airplane, ridden a train, been to an NHL hockey game, skied the Rockies and dipped my toes in Lake Ontario, all in less than six months.?

You?re 17 to 21? Feeling adventurous?

Join Katimavik and get a chance to travel across Canada, learn French, make friends, experience different work environments, build your resume and much more!

Katimavik is a free program that fosters: 1- volunteer work experience, 2- group living, and 3- learning skills you?ll use throughout your life.

If you?re selected, you?ll join 11 other young people from all over Canada and live in 3 successive host communities, for a period of 3 months each.

In each new community, you?ll live in a house rented by Katimavik with a project leader who?ll supervise your activities and ensure that the program runs smoothly. You?ll also be responsible for managing your own house: you?ll prepare meals (taking turns, of course!), plan your budget and house expenses, organize free time activities, etc. Don?t worry, there?ll be lots of room for creativity and initiative!

On weekdays, you?ll volunteer in various community projects for one of our partner organizations. This will be a golden opportunity to gain new skills that relate to your interests! What kind of work placements do we offer? You could build hiking trails, organize festivals, accompany senior citizens on outings, teach children to read, work for a community radio station, etc.

This is just a brief glimpse of your 9 months with Katimavik. There?ll also be weekend trips, group living, flour fights when you?re baking bread, workshops to improve your French skills, evenings spent chatting up your new roommates, special activities with other Katimavik groups, amazing scenery, and much more!

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Online form for the 2007-2008 program

Departures: September 2007 (9-month program)

January 2008 (8-month program)

Selection is underway: APPLY NOW!*

Katimavik selects participants among those who?ve completed the online form AND filled out and returned all pre-selection documents.

Selection is based on:

·Selected socio-demographic criteria

·Approval of your medical file and criminal record check

·A first come, first served basis

The faster you send us your documents, the higher your chances will be to get accepted!

If you apply and send back your pre-selection documents** before end of JUNE, 2007, your chances of being selected are close to 90%!

* If you are 16, but will be 17 at the time of our departure dates, you can still apply now!

** You?ll have to complete the online form before getting access to the pre-selection documents.

Download an Application and find more information about Katimavik at www.katimavik.org.

About Katimavik

Katimavik offers youths between the ages of 17 and 21 an exciting nine-month journey of self-discovery in three different regions of Canada. The program is based on the concept of service learning, which integrates both personal and professional development through volunteer work on community projects. In addition to working 35 hours a week on community projects, participants benefit from a learning program that focuses on developing leadership skills, official languages proficiency, a healthy lifestyle, cultural discoveries and protecting the environment. Each Katimavik participant contributes an average of 900 hours of community work to partner organizations. Since 1977, more than 25,000 young Canadians have participated in the Katimavik program, developing their sense of civic responsibility and gaining self-confidence. Katimavik?s goal is to form responsible citizens who will contribute significantly to Canadian society.