A day in the life of Tumbler Ridge?s Dinosaur Track Hunters?

Yesterday eight members set off bright and early to work on a dinosaur trackway, which had discovered by Kevin Sharman using the powers of predictive stratigraphy. A 2 1/2 ton boulder was lying on top of the trackway, and had to be removed to allow our palaeontologists, Rich McCrea and Lisa Buckley, the opportunity to study the trackway. After a safety lesson from Kevin, the group set to work with crowbars and muscle power, and after half an hour of steady progress had managed to roll the offending boulder away, as per the attached photos.

Many thanks to Kevin, Dave Price, Jack McNeill, Wayne Mann, Jen Becker, Max Allen and Daniel Helm for all their help.

For more information on the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation and the Palaeontology work being done in Tumbler Ridge, visit the online museum at www.tumblerridgemuseum.com