A good maintenance check-up makes for a great winter!

Prevention is always a good idea even in the world of snowmobiles. Sure enough, by giving your snowmobile a thorough maintenance check-up at the beginning of the season, you can avoid a lot of frustration, major breakdowns and improve fuel efficiency. So, if you haven?t already done so, take the time this January during Snowmobiling Month, to pamper your baby.

A thorough maintenance check-up should include cleaning and adjusting the carburetors, cleaning the clutch, checking ski alignment, an inspection of the engine and the tracks, checking and cleaning the muffler valves, checking cables, checking and adjusting the oil pump, checking oil levels in the chain case as well as the tension of the chain, checking coolant levels, checking and greasing the suspension and the steering as well as a visual inspection of any possible leaks.

It is recommended to change the spark plugs at least once during the season. An appropriate adjustment of the carburetors will help to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust fumes. Moreover, oil consumption is a significant factor in air pollution so it?s important to ensure that the snowmobile only uses a reasonable amount. Excessive burning of oil reduces the performance of a snowmobile and increases fuel consumption.

Finally, all aspects of our driving habits should be reviewed. The following suggestions should be taken into account: never leave a snowmobile idling, don?t exceed the speed limit (check what the speed limit is in your area), avoid carrying passengers in an open sled pulled by a snowmobile, maintain a good distance between snowmobiles on the trails and travel in small groups.