A hodgepodge of random ideas

Trent Ernst, Editor


Apologies for the lack of a consisten thread running through this editorial, but there’s a lot of things I wanted to touch on.

First things first, I’d like to apologize to Gary and Carol for calling them the Likelys and not the Likes. I know it was Lynsay’s article, but it was my fault. In my defense, Gary and Carol have always been Gary and Carol, and not the Likes. I’ve never really called them by their last name.

The first time I met them was when they were looking after their grandchildren; their son wrongly jailed for the death of his wife. It was a story on the various and often disparate faces of motherhood for a mothers day article a number of years ago. Since then, they have been a fixture on the TR landscape, and, as I’ve been writing far too frequently lately, each of these people who moves away takes with them a part of what makes Tumbler Ridge the place it is.

Second: byelection. Don’t know if you noticed, but there was one. 217 people managed to get out to vote. I personally know about half of those people.

That’s down from the already pitiful turnout for the last by-election, where 268 people managed to get out and vote.

That’s 10.3 percent of the population. Which means that Bev, who got the highest number of votes, was elected by less than six percent of the population. Chris was elected with less than five percent.

Seriously, when can we stop calling this a democracy? It’s barely an oligarchy

Here’s the rule: if you didn’t vote, you don’t get to complain about the way the town is being run. In fact, maybe that’ll be my first question when someone comes into the office to tell me that such and such is happening and it’s a travesty and how could this happen in Tumbler Ridge. “Did you vote? No. Interesting. Tell me why I should care now, when you didn’t care then?”

I won’t, but boy, I am tempted….

However, the good news is we once again have a full slate of councillors. Council meetings were a bit scarce over the summer because if one person was away, there weren’t enough people for quorum. Now council can get back to work.

Random topic number three: We finally got around to picking up a tent trailer a couple weeks ago and have spent the last two weekends out camping.

I love camping, but when we had kids, it became much harder to convince the wife that she really wanted to load up everybody into the car, then head out and find a place to set up a tent. Ever try and set up a playpen in a tent to use as a crib? It’s awkward, and the stupid legs poke holes in the bottom, allowing the ants to get It…it’s just not fun.

The last time we we went camping in a tent was a couple years ago. Bree, the youngest, really didn’t adjust well to the process and spent two nights howling before we gave the whole thing up for a lost cause.

While both the kids are well past needing to stay in a crib, it’s still a lot of work. In fact, the effort far outstrips the reward.

So we got a tent trailer. It’s a nice balance between what the wife wants (five star hotel) and what I want (bedroll under the stars).

The reason I bring this up is simply this: one of the reasons I moved up here was not the town itself, but because of the scenery that surrounds the town. Having the option to get out of town and spend a couple weekends before the end of the year just enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds us brings home once again how beautiful it is here. How peaceful. How wild.

Which brings me to my last point. I don’t know if you noticed, but sometime last week, something changed in the air, and suddenly we’re falling into autumn once again. And once again, my stack of things I swore up and down I would accomplish during summer is only slightly shorter than it was at the start of summer. I barely had time to get out hiking. Biking. Camping. The big kitchen renovations didn’t happen. Yardwork has gone mostly undone.

I love summer up here, but I’m coming to the conclusion that it’s way too short, especially this year.

So, here’s the challenge. With just over ten days until the kids go back to school, what are you going to make the most of what remains of summer? Are you going camping, or are you just going to kick back on the deck? Will you jump off the falls at Flatbed one last time? Let us know how you celebrated summer: editor@tumblerridgenews.com