?You will save money on shampoo!?, ?Take it all off!? , ?What a nice shaped head.?, were just some of the comments being made by the 100+ people that showed up Thursday afternoon to watch ten Tumbler Ridge residents shave their heads in support of Breast Cancer research.

?Twelve brave victims raised money for this event, but two of them, Tyler Reid and Kevin Pack, could not be here today because of work.? Said event organizer Lori Homister, ?Who will go first??

Christine Goodwin bravely started things off. Pretty soon a shiney-topped Christine emerged to audience applause and laughter. Christine raised $300 for Breast Cancer.

Christine was followed by seven-year-old Elliot Reid, who raised $650.

There was a $50 donation from Pam Willis, Campus Principle from Northern Lights College in Chetwynd who asked that two of Lori?s teachers from the College, David Szucsko, and Jess Hunt to cut Lori?s hair. So, Lori bid good-bye to her hair as David and Jess, razors in hand, shaved her bald. Lori raised $500.

Lori Homister donated $50, and had revenge on David Szucsko as she shaved his head. David raised $100.

Marcel Brodeur donated $50 to shave Diana Vandale?s head. Marcel gave Diana a Mohawk but in the end he shaved it off. Diana raised $400.

The hair loss continued with David Poudrier, who raised $100, Jess Hunt who raised $300, Dorothy Milligan who raised $200, and Sterling Bishop who raised $100. The fun continued when Lori offered Sterling $20 to shave off his beard.

The day ended with Joanne Liebelt shaving her head. Joanne raised an amazing $3500, which brought the total of the day to $6500, just $500 shy of their $7000 goal. Thanks to Paula McPherson, from Paula?s cuts and Carley Morrell for shaving heads, and to everyone who shaved their heads or donated to the cause, once again the people of Tumbler Ridge have shown their generosity and support!