A message from School District #59

School District 59, and the School Protection Program have a message for parents on the topic of injury and liability, and some advise on how to protect your child in the event of an injury.

It is very important for parents and guardians to know that School District #59 does not provide accident insurance coverage for student injuries that occur on school premises, or during school activities. Accidents do happen in spite of the best planning and supervision. Claims are attempted every year against the District, seeking payment for dental repairs and eye injuries. These claims are denied, leaving parents to determine how to manage the expenses.

The recommendation from School District 59 and the School Protection Program is that parents purchase the private accident insurance coverage that is offered each September. Brochures are sent home with your child and/or are made available in the school office throughout the beginning of the school year. These plans are typically a 12-month, one payment, insurance agreement that may be renewed annually as long as you wish. Various plans are available to include everything from dental expenses resulting from an accident, to death, and disability benefits.

Private insurance of this kind is fairly inexpensive, and is a particularly good investment, especially if your child is active in co-curricular or extra-curricular sports.

Parents may choose any insurance provider that suits the familys needs.

The insurer that School District 59 has permitted to distribute their plans is

Reliable Life Insurance Company.

Their website is www.insuremykids.com where you may subscribe online.

Questions to Reliable Life Insurance can be directed to their toll free number at

1-800-463-KIDS (5437).

Reading and Writing Strategies

One of the schools goals this year is to improve upon student performance in reading and writing. On the TRSS website you will find a link that has some Reading and Writing Strategies that you may want to use with your children.

Alberta Post Secondary Schools

On Wednesday, Feb. 27, TRSS will be visited by various post secondary schools from Alberta. The presentation will occur between 10:15 ? 11:30 am.

Important Dates

March 10 ? 20 ? Spring Break

March 21 ? Good Friday (not in session)

March 24 ? Easter Monday (not in session)

April 14 – NID

April 18 ? End of Term 3

May 2 ? Term 3 Report Cards

May 7 and 8 ? Parent/Teacher Conferences

May 16 ? NID

May 19 ? Victoria Day (not in session)