A New Service is ?Rolling? Into Town

It?s big, it?s green, and it?s not that pretty and if you?ve seen it around town, you?re not alone. I am talking about the new Tumbler Ridge Stage, run by Neil Miller. Just call him Neil though; he is too young for Mr.!

This terrific new service offers day trips to Dawson Creek for only $40 (return ? same day) and is also available for chartering wherever you want to for a reasonable cost. At these low prices young and old alike can take advantage of this much-needed new service. ?I know it will catch on,? Neil Miller says about his new service. ?It has only been up and running for about a week and people are already starting to inquire about my chartering service.?

Miller has just recently moved to town from Atlin, B.C. His wife will be arriving in late July. Although they are new to town they have certainly taken advantage of a great business opportunity while providing a much-needed service to the residents of Tumbler Ridge.

?I think the bus service is a great idea,? says Jolene Shade, long time Tumbler Ridge resident. ?People who have appointments in Dawson Creek can now schedule them around the bus service and then they won?t have to worry about transportation.?

Right now the bus is only running one day a week, but once business picks up, that will change.

Miller is working hard to advertise his new bus service around the peace region. He drives his bus in parades and brings it to events in hopes that it will draw attention to his great service! July 17th, Miller is taking passengers to the Doe River Rodeo.

Neil would just like to send out a big thanks to Ray Proulx for all his support and also thanks to Cathy from Trends. Thanks also go out to Lee and Bill Anderson. ?Without them we would not have had the opportunity to come to Tumbler Ridge, and the new bus would not be in place. It is here, it is available, and it is here to stay!? says Miller. ?We aren?t planning on leaving Tumbler Ridge.? Miller?s base is at the Ridge Café downtown (across from the Caboose).