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Spring must be here, I?ve noticed when I?ve been visiting peoples homes that tulips and a variety of other hearty plants are starting to poke through. A sure sign that longer spring days are here, get out and enjoy!

This week ?s question is a good one. I tried to keep the answer point form and brief and retrieved most of the points from the Home Owner Grant Program brochure as well as on-line.

Q: How does one qualify for the British Columbia Home owner grant?

A: The following is a list that may be followed to identify if you qualify for the British Columbia?s home owner grant program.


?You must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant

?You must be a permanent resident in B.C.

?You must own the property when you apply for the grant

?You must either hold title, be a tenant for life under a registered life estate, hold the last registered agreement for sale, or be a lessee under a 99 year registered lease

?If you are applying as a spouse or relative of a deceased owner, you must have lived in the residence at the time of the owners death and continue to live there.

?You must occupy the dwelling as your principal residence (a person con not have more than one principal residence)

?You and your spouse together can claim only one grant.

Please be aware that you may be asked to prove your eligibility for the grant and your application may be reviewed at a later date.

Also, please note that the Minister of Finance has announced changes to the Home Owner Grant (as well as others) which are administered through the Ministry of Small Business and Revenue these changes can be found in the Budget Bulletin 2006 that was issued in February 2006 by the Ministry of Small Business and Revenue or online at www.gov.bc.ca/sbr

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