A Realtors’ Insight

Q.Do you recommend using a mortgage broker or sticking with your financial institution to obtain financing for purchasing a property?

A.Excellent question. It really depends on your relationship with your financial institution. Some people can walk into their bank or Credit Union and get what they need almost instantly, others can not. However having said that, I have a tremendous amount of respect for Mortgage Brokers. The Mortgage Broker I recommend to my clients has done wonderful work.

Mortgage Brokers can work for you to obtain good interest rates, at good term periods and good amortization periods. A good Mortgage Broker will shop around for you until they have the best mortgage suited to your needs.

Please do not be hesitate to ask your Realtor who they would recommend.

Usually your Realtor has a list of contacts and can recommend a Broker or financial institution that will work the best for your situation. Good luck.

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