A Realtor’s Insight

Hope everyone is enjoying the fresh snow!

An interesting question has been brought forth; As a Home Buyer do I need to contact the agent identified to that particular listing?And an excellent question, at that! The quick and short answer is NO that is the beauty of Multiple Listing Service (known as MLS.)Any Realtor may show any property that has been listed through MLS. Your job as a Buyer is to complete some homework on realtors and ensure who can best represent you. Make that one phone call to set up that all-important appointment and leave the rest to your capable, reliable realtor.

Now that I have made this sound easy, we need to add a little twist! Some homes you may come across are not listed through MLS, these are Exclusive Listings, and this means only the advertising Realtor may show that listing. If you are interested in looking at an exclusive listed home or homes, please ensure you discuss this with your realtor. Your realtor is trying to represent you fairly, has provided you with their time, knowledge of the business, and has established a relationship with you; give your Realtor the opportunity to refer you.

Thank you for the question and I look forward to others, remember you can submit written questions to me. E-mail me at bbanham@neonet.bc.ca or mail Brenda Banham Box 1769, Tumbler Ridge, BC V0C 2W0, or fax 250-242-3256.