A Skate Park for Tumbler Ridge

Our next step in this process was to look for a reputable company to design the park. In our list of requirements that the company would have to meet, there was one criterion that stood above the rest, to be able to work with and listen to the youth. After talking with several communities and visiting various parks the designer was selected to be Van der Zalm and Associates out of Vancouver. Every project director said that they were excellent and came highly recommended. The director is Mark Van der Zalm. The designer is Jay Balmer who is well known in the skate community across Canada and the United States and is the producer of ‘Slam City Jam’ – the North American Skateboard Championships. VDZ designed and constructed the parks at Prince George and Dawson Creek and they are working on parks all over Canada and as well in Sweden. They are more than skate park builders; they are urban and recreational planners. For more information on the company and a look at other parks, one can visit www.vdz.ca

So, with high recommends and obvious experience, Van der Zalm was selected and an excellent relationship was established. Mark gave a presentation to the town and met with about 25 youth. They enthusiastically brainstormed and provided Mark with lots of ideas. Van der Zalm completed a conceptual design and sent it to the youth for review. Comments were sent to Mark and where their input could be accommodated, the design was changed; where it couldn?t, he provided detailed explanations.

From the conceptual drawings, Van der Zalm produced the final contractor?s drawings and they were delivered to the Town this past summer. We wanted our design to have uniqueness, something quite apart from the others, a tourist draw and an asset to the entire community. It was to be something more that just a skate park. Next week ? the location.