A warm welcome to the business community, Jenny Jung – Country Lane Creations

Jenny Jung is the new owner of Country Lane Creations having purchased the business from Sheila Illerbrun, the previous owner. Jung took possession of the store April 1st and has also kept the Sears outlet. The space is approximately 1600 square feet of which half will be used for retail, and the remainder for Sears.

Jung, who has resided in Tumbler Ridge for almost six years, said that this family business is her first retail venture. ?Nothing has changed much? she said in an interview with Tumbler Ridge News, ?Just a new face behind the counter is all?. Jung said that her niece, Blythe Walker will also be on hand to assist customers. Walker graduated recently from a private school in Victoria with a degree as a clothing designer. Her design services are in demand and she is already booked for custom grad and wedding designs. Alterations will also be offered at the store and since that service has not been available to residents, it is sure to be popular.

What is sure to be a welcome addition to community services is the expansion of the clothing line. In addition to the lingerie and lounge wear, Jung is expanding the clothing line to include plus sizes, jeans and dress pants. We can expect to see the new lines in stock in the next week or two.

Those fans of the line of Camille hand creams and other products will be pleased to know that they will continue to be offered at the store. Other product lines that will still be available are the costume jewelery. Jenny also plans on adding a few baby items to her stock for shower gifts.

Jung said that she is happy to be a part of the business community. She said, ?I am never leaving Tumbler Ridge. Even if there is no one left in town, I am staying right here. I love this place!?

Congratulations to the newest member of our Tumbler Ridge business community. We wish you every success!