A Year In the life of the TR Arts Council

Brett Robertson

At the January 9, 2017 Council meeting, Erin Wanvig came to give a summary report for the Tumbler Ridge Arts Council.

Wanvig says the Arts Council is always doing things, even when it might not appear that they are. “We are always busy,” she says. “We are always joining up with other groups. That’s probably our greatest strength in the community: we are happy to co-exist with other groups and put on events that everyone can enjoy. We are always going to be strong in presence, but for sure I am really proud of our joint-ventures with other groups!”

The Tumbler Ridge Arts Council is not one group, but a group of groups, says Wanvig “We have ten or twelve groups under our umbrella. Every month we usually have something going on. We support and work with them, but they’re constantly doing their own thing. And then we come together as a group and try to do things together.”

Theatre On The Ridge is a major part of the TR Arts Council, and their latest production was a Christmas-themed play entitled, #Scrooge.

It took place at the Community Centre during the Christmas season, was very well-attended and was originally written and directed by Wanvig.

Be sure to keep an eye out in 2017 for future productions from the TR Arts Council in town!