About the Tumbler Ridge Community Forest


The Community Forest concept is about local control over, and enjoyment of, the benefits offered by local forest resources. These benefits are both monetary and non-monetary. Rural communities see Community Forests as a tool to help stabilize their local economies and provide long term employment opportunities. Community Forests support local livelihoods, promote community participation and foster long term environmental stewardship. They seek to promote innovation, conflict resolution and economic diversification.

The community of Tumbler Ridge has worked diligently, to gain control of its neighbouring forests and to have a say in financial returns of the forest and expenditures in the local area.  We take pride in having direct control of our forest landscape and look forward to continuing the management of our forest resources in the future.

We have been active as a business entity beginning January 2012. We are building up operating funds and should be in a financial position to provide meaningful Grants back to the Community in 2015. Tumbler Ridge Community Forest appreciates the opportunity to work with the local citizens to investigate possibilities to increase our influence on the landscape to further our common goal of economic diversification in our community. If you have ideas on how to enhance or diversify our community via the Community Forest program, please contact us at dcmckellar@telus.net or call 250 964-2375.