About Us

Tumbler Ridge News was established on April 1, 1997, and is distributed around Tumbler Ridge every Thursday. The newspaper is free, and our circulation is 1,100 with more than 700 door-to-door deliveries each week, with another 600 copies distributed to newsstands around the community. In 2001, the newspaper’s website was launched, and was completely re-designed and re-launched in March, 2011.

A small but dedicated staff of five keeps the newspaper producing great stories and relevant information for a dedicated readership week after week. This newspaper strives to keep the community well-informed and in touch with what makes Tumbler Ridge a great place to live. For the many people who once called Tumbler Ridge home, we are the trusted source for the latest information to keep them connected.

In addition to the newspaper, Tumbler Ridge News also offers the only local photocopying and flyer delivery service in Tumbler Ridge. Contact us for rates and more information.

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Telephone: 250-242-5343

Loraine Funk, Owner

Trent Ernst, Editor/Publisher

Lisa Allen, Sales Manager

Front Desk

Accounts Payable/Receivable