Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

This is a very confusing disease because there is so much information and opinions that vary and conflict with each other, it is very difficult to cull out what is true and what is sheer conjecture due to the widespread fear that society has to this particular ailment. The only way to get to the truth of the matter is to go back to the basics of what it is and how it came into our lives. There are many theories, conspiracy, gay, South African theory. All of these blame someone or something, but does it matter who or what caused it? It is among us and there is no doubting that. Now what can we do about it? Let?s take a look at the basics now.

AIDS is distinguished by the fact that is has no constant, specific symptoms. It is diagnosed primarily by an umbrella of diseases and symptoms in conjunction with HIV. The diseases that mark AIDS differ widely from country to country and from groups at risk. There are 28 different diseases that can ?prove? the diagnosis of AIDS in North America and Europe. Some of them are Kaposi?s sarcoma ( a form of cancer), pneumocystis pneumonia, candidiasis, mycobacterial infections such as tuberculosis, toxoplasmosis, that causes damage to the nervous system and the body?s internal organs, cytomegalovirus and the herpes virus. Other indicators not included in the 28 are diarrhea, weight loss, night sweats, fevers, rashes and swollen lymph glands. The common factor that all these disconnected symptoms and diseases revolve around is HIV. Any degree of immune suppression, in the presence of HIV is classified as AIDS. The same degree of immune suppression in the absence of HIV is not AIDS. What is extremely confusing is that there are cases out there of symptoms of AIDS without the HIV diagnosis. So, the theories still keep coming.

People who are HIV and/or have been diagnosed with AIDS are commonly deficient of these essential nutrients; vitamin B9, folate, vitamin b12, selenium and zinc. These are seen to be absolutely essential to recovery. In other words, keeping your immune system healthy is the key to health, especially in regard to AIDS. The omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are also highly recommended. HIV and AIDS disease are very similar to cancer in that all of them turn against themselves and the body. The main difference between the two is that they come from a different toxin base. HIV and AIDS comes from the toxin base of benzene and cancer comes from the toxin base of propyl alcohol. These are both solvents used in our society in thousands of different ways. Benzene is a solvent that breaks down fats, and because fats form the membrane wall around each of our cells, it is especially dangerous. Benzene goes directly to the thymus, that program our T cells and to the bone marrow where T cells are made. It ruins our immune system and causes our immune system to go haywire which is the starting process of an immune deficiency problem. The most essential tool that we have, as I have stated in the last article, is the Ph strips to keep our bodies at the optimal state of balance. The next tool that we need to keep in mind is to detoxify the body of Benzene. Hydrotherapy is one of the better tools to do that with and a colon cleanse to cleanse the body of the immediate problems out before they get to the blood stream and immune system. Intestinal flukes play a major role with benezene in the colon cleanse, as they feed off the benzene and anything else they can, so it is imperative that the colon be as stress free as is possible. Stress is a huge problem for the weakened immune system. There has been several people that have thrown out their stressful life and opted for a life without that high strung world stressors and have no signs of AIDS for ten years now. We might not all be able to do that but it shows how important it is to keep our lives as fun and light as possible. With a focus on the positive aspects of keeping our bodies in balance and keeping ourselves focused on the interpersonal relationships that provide joy, connectedness and harmony HIV and AIDS can be successfully controlled and possibly even destroyed. Thank you for listening, Have a wonderfully healthy week and remember that your musings become your masterpieces, choose the great ones

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