Acrylic workshop hosted by local artist Darcy Jackson and Artists Group

On April 22nd through to the 24th, local Artist Darcy Jackson was at the Tumbler Ridge Community Centre to host a free acrylic workshop. The workshop was in conjunction with BC Arts and Culture week which ran from April 22nd until the 28th. The artists that host each workshop donate their time to the community project.

Maureen Sywolos, who is the chairperson for the Artists Group, said that there are other free workshops that will be held throughout the month of May as well. She said that the workshops will hopefully draw new faces into the Artists Group which currently has ten members. They meet every Tuesday in room three at the Community Centre. The workshops run on May 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th. They will feature something new and exciting each week for residents to come and try out.

Jackson said she would be happy to volunteer her time on a regular basis if people would attend more workshops. She said that the workshops are set up specifically to give residents a chance to discover their artistic talents.

Although watercolors have always been her thing, Jackson is happy to branch out into acrylic painting. She has completed over 200 watercolor paintings in a period of 18 years. ?I would prefer to paint than cook!? she said laughing. She has just begun acrylic painting and has only completed three finished products so far.

Jackson said she would like to host an outdoor Artists Group throughout the summer. Artists would paint outdoors from June until September. She said that a park or Roman Walkway in town would be a perfect location for the artists to expose their talent to the community. She said that anyone interested can contact her at 242-5200.

The Artists Group applied for a grant-in-aid with the District and received enough funds to supply the materials for everyone attending the workshops. Sywolos said that the workshops are open to anyone interested. She also said that the district graciously provided room three and the main foyer of the Community Centre where the workshops are being held over the next several weeks. Persons interested in any of the upcoming workshops can sign up at the library.