Aeolis Wind Power has completed the installation of four new wind gauges on Bear Mountain.

DAWSON CREEK, B.C. ? It is difficult to precisely describe the constant Peace Country wind, yet Aeolis Wind Power Corporation, with the help of Peace Energy Cooperative, is determined to do just that.

?Aeolis is excited to announce the installation of four new wind gauges (anemometers) on the tower owned by Standard Radio (CJDC/NTV) at Bear Mountain 10 kilometers west of Dawson Creek,? says TJ Schur, Director of External Relations for Aeolis. ?This is an important step in determining the potential for wind power generation at the Bear Mountain site.?

Aeolis, in cooperation with Peace Energy Co-op, is working towards the development of up to a 100 megawatt wind park on Bear Mountain. Peace Energy currently holds the lease on the 2,400 hectare site, and intends to offer its membership investment opportunities in the wind park.

?Peace Energy owns the data collected from the former B.C. Hydro wind gauges,? says Steve Rison, president of Peace Energy. ?The new gauges will allow us to confirm the validity of the data already collected while expanding the range of data that we can gather.?

The new wind gauges have been installed at the heights of 60 and 85 meters on booms that clear the tower by 6.1 meters. The gauges at 85 meters are the highest from ground level in the province while the extension from the tower is to avoid a phenomenon called the tower effect. This is the turbulence in airflow caused by the towers themselves that might cause a misinterpretation of the data collected.

?It is important to us to reevaluate the data already collected,? says Schur, ?because we must have complete confidence in our assessment of the site before proceeding with plans for development.?

?We are also grateful to Standard Radio (CJDC) for the enthusiasm they have shown in supporting a local initiative by allowing the gauges to be placed on their tower–we look forward to working with everyone in the region to realize this project.?