All Candidates forum, conclusion

Schembri answered with ?All three. I myself have posted on the blog. I have always signed what I have written and I have only ever used it for good, thanking volunteers and so forth. It needs to used for the good of the town, not the bad.?

Murray stated, ?It?s a tool, if it?s being used for the bad then I want nothing to do with it, if it?s constructive then yes it would be a good tool.?

McPherson said ?Can?t we just kept it to the town, and just talk to each other about it. I think you should have to put a signature to what you write or it doesn?t get posted.?

Hendley closed the question with, ?It?s freedom of speech. I just wish there was more courage on the part of the people writing and more concern for the impact on the people that live here.?

Doreen Young asked. ?What qualities and skills to make good decisions do you have to offer??

Hendley replied with, ?I like to see Council work together better. I bring experience from committees and Council and getting them to work together.?

McPherson added ?I bring a little bit of experience, the way I see it is, you have seven seats and seven votes, one vote per seat, majority rules.?

Murray followed with ?I will not go to vote too quickly. If I don?t have all the facts my vote will be no. I like to hear all sides first.?

Schembri closed it with her answer of, ?I offer conflict resolution, emergency management, the ability to serve and listen, and to be heard. I have been known to have a loud voice from time to time.?

The closing question for the floor was simply ?What commitment are you willing to make to prove you?re going to do what you say??

Hendley answered, ?My word counts, I say what I do, and I do what I say.?

McPherson?s reply was, ?I love the community and this area, and I will go to any lengths for the town of Tumbler Ridge.?

Murray stated, ?I thought long and hard before running. I figured if I?m going to do it, I?m going to do it right!? and Schembri finished with her answer of, ?For those of you who knew me before I decided to run, you know I haven?t changed. I will not change from who I was before to during and then after. I make no promises; I will just do what I can do. Without communication, you don?t have a community.?

Thank you to the Chamber of Commerce, Board and Executive, and Chamber Manager Marie Therraiult for hosting the All Candidates Forum.