All-Candidates Forum draws crowd

Trent Ernst, Editor


Nearly 200 people showed up on November 4 to hear the candidates for Council give speeches and answer questions from the crowd as a build-up to the Municipal Elections, being held on Saturday, November 15.

The largest crowd was there for the presentation by the candidates for town council.

Each prospective candidate was given two minutes to speak. Then questions were asked from the audience, and the moderator, Donna Merry, would direct the question towards an individual candidate according to a per-determined order.

However, the rest of the candidates weren’t allowed to rebut or add to the answer, which lead to some questions about historic issues around what council has been doing being asked of potential candidates.

Once all the questions had been asked, including a few filler questions from the Chamber of Commerce, it was time for the Mayoral candidates, who were given one extra minute for speeches, but no extra time for questions. Again, questions were asked, then assigned to a candidate according to a per-determined order, which meant the audience was unable to ask a specific question to a specific candidate.

Nearly 90 people showed up to the first advance poll, on Nov 5. According to the District, this is a record number of people. However, in the past, large numbers of advance poll voters did not translate into large numbers of voters on the day of.

Elections will be held on Saturday November 15 from 8am to 8pm in Rooms 4 and 5. Voters will need two pieces of ID to be able to vote.

New residents of Tumbler Ridge can vote only if they’ve lived in Canada for the past six months, and have lived in Tumbler Ridge for at least 30 days before you register to vote.

If you haven’t registered to vote, and are a new resident/recently turned 18, you can register at the voting booth as long as you have two pieces of ID with your current Address on it.

We will have results online as soon as they are available. Visit our Facebook page or