Allen Dobb in Tumbler Ridge

Allen Dobb has steadily become one of Canada?s most respected singer-songwriters.

After a musical journey that found Allen Dobb playing world beat, fusion, reggae and South African style, the singer/songwriter from Alberta has returned to the roots music he feels comes more naturally to him.

Originally from rural Alberta, he started out in agriculture. His work took him to Arizona as well as to Lesotho. Dobb, who is compared to Steve Earle and Bruce Springsteen, was particularly taken by the richness of South African culture. His three year stint in Africa compelled him to devote his energy solely to music.

?I think the background, the travel and the experience is kind of what puts my unique voice to the songs that I write. I have diverse influences. It puts a little twist to everything I do. It?s a very subtle thing, but it?s been really important to my development.?

Since 1997, Dobb has concentrated primarily on roots music ? a blend of folk, country and blues.

This is a great live band and people are really going to get that togetherness, musicality, and dynamic from the show. Allen Dobb will be performing in Tumbler Ridge at Grizfest July 31 and August 1, 2004. For more information phone 250-242-4246.

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