And a fun time was had by all

Brett Robertson

It was a brisk afternoon on the slopes of the Tumbler Ridge Golf Course last Saturday, complete with local Rangers handing out free passes for the Community Centre while dressed as a variety of snacks, as well as a warm fire, bottled water and “Ice Dogs” (i.e. frozen hot dogs: a noted favorite of a local mother in town), the Tobox’n event was enjoyed by youth and parents alike.

A local Dad and son had constructed a cardboard sled with the design of the Star Wars science adventure icon, The Millennium Falcon. “I built it big enough that I could fit in it,” the Dad exclaimed Sadly, “but my boots are too big.” This was only one of the many very creative box-sleds that flooded the Golf Course slopes last weekend!

Also, on the snowy incline was a walking, talking snowman. It’s true. It’s not fake news. But on further review it was none other than the local teenager Zoe Ernst. In giving an account for the reasoning behind her white attire, she said “I got cold, and so I put this on!” And why would anyone not do that? That is the real question.

Indeed, she was acting smarter than the reporter writing this article, as he was wearing thin shoes and thin socks while standing out on the snow and ice for over an hour.

All in all, there were numerous races down the slick slopes that afternoon. Although some were faster, some were slower, some were ballistic, some were frantic, some sailed and some bailed, all were winners in this very original local event.

After all the kids had gone down, the master class happened, as the parents—who, let’s be fair, probably put at least a little bit of work into crafting these masterpieces—hopped into the cardboard creations and went flying (or, in the case of the honest-to-goodness pirate ship, sailing) down the slopes.

So good to see smiling face amidst a chilly January afternoon on the Ridge. Thanks to all who participated! And special thanks to the District who brought food and made fire!

Just keep sledding… Just keep sledding… Just keep sledding, sledding, sledding…