And so it begins

Trent Ernst, Editor


Marcel Brodeur and Rose College are standing in front of the desk at town hall, waiting. On the other side, CAO Barry Elliott watches his iPhone count down the minutes until 4 pm, October 10. That’s when nominations close for the 2014 Local Government and School District Elections. In the council chambers, a pair of incumbent councillors—Rob Mackay and Tim Snyder—hang out and talk.

Behind Elliott, District staff are scurrying about as the clock ticks down, trying to collate papers and get everything ready before they have to leave for the long weekend.

“57…58…59…four o’clock,” says Elliott. “I hereby declare nominations closed.”

Elliott disappears into the back, and then, five minutes later, emerges with the final list of candidates. There are three people running for mayor, eleven for council and two for school trustee.

The mayoral candidates are Bev Fournier, Garret Golhof and Don McPherson. Fournier is an active volunteer around town, and was instrumental in getting the Chamber of Commerce off the ground. Before moving to Tumbler Ridge, Golhof ran for Alderman in Hope as a representative of Silver Creek, and ran as a member of the Unity Party here in the South Peace. Don McPherson has been on and off Tumbler Ridge Council for the last twenty years.

Current mayor Darwin Wren is not running, as his mother’s health is failing, and he is returning to Alberta to look after both her and the family farm.

All three remaining incumbent councillors are running for their old positions. Mike Caisley, Tim Snyder and Rob Mackay are all return politicians. Rose Colledge is also a returning politician, having sat on town council in previous terms, but did not serve this last term.

Not returning are Bev Litster, who has moved to Dawson and Chris Leggett, who is now the finance manager for the District.

New names on the list are Leesa Barbon, Janeth Barker, Marcel Brodeur, Will Howe, Joanne Kirby, Darryl Krakowka and Helen Scott.

Some of these candidates are long term residents, like Will Howe, who grew up in Tumbler Ridge. Others, have only been here a short time, like Leesa Barbon has only been here for “seven short but wonderful months.”

The two people running for school trustee are incumbent Sherry Berringer and Roxanne Gulick, president of the Chamber Commerce.

Over the next few weeks, the Tumbler Ridge News will be running interviews with all the candidates so you can find out more about them. If you have a question you’d like to see asked of the candidates, send it to