Annual Craft Fair being held November 9th & 10th

The craft fair is an annual Tumbler Ridge event, and this year will open their doors on Friday, November 10th, at 4pm at the Community Centre.

There are approximately 29 tables up to today?s date, and they are setup throughout the community centre, from rooms 4 and 5 to the Fireside Lounge. Below is a partial list of crafters and organizations.

Carey Garner has two tables in front of Sheila?s Place and will be offering crocheted afghans, and knitted sweaters.

Flo Sterling has a variety of crafts and baked goods for sale (Fireside Lounge)

Bernedette Groves has two tables in front of the arena window.

Natalie Sharmon has two tables in the Fireside Lounge and will be offering jewelery.

Rita Kostaluk has two tables in the playgound area and has bodycare products, homemade, and victorian angels.

Susan Simeon will be located in the entry hall and is offering beadwork, dream catchers and beaded jewelery.

Mary Buist has a table in front of the gallery. Quilted blankets, placemats, bags…

Celine Paradis has two tables in the gallery and is offering for sale quilting and microwave potato bags.

Marie Bloomcrist can be found in the Fireside Gallery as well and is selling fashion jewelery.

The Tumbler Ridge Medical Centre Foundation has a table.

Marge Roberts in room 5 is offering knitted socks, mitts, afghans, toques, and homemade soap

Eileen Chamberlain (room 4) will be offering knitting, crocheting, handmade jewelery.

Tammy – McKenzie (Fireside Lounge)

Nick Ostachek, in room 4 is offering hand crafted wallets, belts and leatherwork.

Lydia Ostachek (Room 4)

ElliePack (table by the stairs)

Lynn Way (Room 4) PALS, Fresh Popcorn, Pet Gift Baskets, Xmas items.

Jane Keast – Fireside Lounge – Local photography, acrylic painting, water colours, framed and unframed.

Catherine Ortynski – two tables in the entry way.

Cathy Thorpe has two tables in the lobby and is offering magnetic jewelery.

Order of the Royal Purple Elaine Guske – food items and hand-painted Christmas items

Brigit Sharmen for Minor Hockey in the Fireside Lounge – Bake sale and craft items.

Prudence Mueller in the Fireside Lounge

Joanne Liebelt in Room 4

Theresa Williams in Room 4

Church Group – Room 4

TRSS students with wooden dollhouses

Darlyn Seltenrich – Knitting and Crocheting.