Annual Mass Registration Night at Community Centre

By Stacie Gruntman

The Community Centre?s mass registration night was held September 12th. 2007. There was a steady stream of people throughout the two hour event. Approximately 40 tables were set up in the Community Centre. Several clubs(sports and other) and volunteer organizations were welcoming new members. Some organizations were looking for members and volunteers!

Several tables were regulars at Mass Registration but it was nice to see new faces and new opportunities offered to the residents of Tumbler Ridge.

The Tumbler Ridge Public Library was encouraging parents to sign up their children for story time, lap sit, and Wednesday Club. Most slots are full already. There was a lot of interest in the book club for adults with 12 people signing up. Students in Grades 7-12 are invited to join ?Once upon a time in Tumbler Ridge?, a six month program where YOU write a book.

The library is also looking for people to become ?Friends of the Library?. Friends of the library are required to help with events that are held at the library, like Itchy Feet and movie nights. Setting up and taking down events requires a lot of helping hands.

For more information on these programs and others offered through the Library, contact Michele Burton at 242-4778.

Chief Dan Golob and several volunteer fire fighters were on hand to answer questions about fire safety within your home as well as safe burning practices.

Chief Golob would like to invite anyone 18 years and older, in good physical health, to become a volunteer firefighter. If you are interested, please call the Chief at the Fire Hall, 242-3939. Also, a reminder that the Fireman?s Ball and Silent Auction is being held September 22nd, 2007.

Emergency Social Services attracted eight new volunteers. Training is always provided to new volunteers. The next training session is being held October 26th-28th, 2007. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, Please call Chief Golob, 242-3939.

Interested in Golf? Floor Curling? Are you a senior? The BC Senior Games Society has a goal to promote healthy lifestyles by encouraging active participation in sports and recreational activities. There are several sports to choose from. Contact Glenn Miller 242-3467 or Joan Sidwell 242-5775.

The Aquatic Centre was gauging interest in evening swim lessons. Unfortunately, there was very little interest at mass registration. If you are interested in evening swim lessons, please contact the Community Centre 242-4246.

The Aquatic Centre did manage to sign up several people for other lessons as well as Aquafit.

Northern Lights College was enticing people to their table by offering free pens, magnets and mints. It worked! Approximately 15 people wrote down interests for possible courses in the future. Contact Debbie Ives 242-5591.

The Canadian Junior Rangers was present at Mass Registration. The main goal of the evening was to attract more adult volunteers. The goal was achieved with 5 adults and 10 new youth signing up and showing interest. There is no cost to the Canadian Junior Rangers. Local Contact: Glenn Miller 242-3467.

The Tumbler Ridge Hospital Foundation welcomed 2 new members. If you want to become a member, contact Gail at the medical clinic 242-4251 or Bev Fournier 242-4803. The Hospital Foundation is currently fund raising to purchase an ECG machine.

The Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation is welcoming new members. If you missed the event, membership forms can be downloaded from the museum website,

Almost 60 people joined the Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society(WNMS). Contact Charles Helm: 242-3984 if you want to join. It is not to late!

The Tumbler Ridge Figure Skating Club and Tumbler Ridge Hockey Association(TRHA) signed up many people for this year?s season. Youth ages 5-17 years are welcome to join the TRHA. Fees are $300.00. For more information, contact Paul Payne 242-2088. If you are interested in joining the Figure Skating Club, contact Michelle Payne, 242-2088.

Beavers and Cubs have at least 24 new members. Several people took registration forms with them. For more information Contact Donna Merry 242-3985.

Several volunteer organizations are looking for more volunteers! Do you have time to spare? Do you like helping people? The following organizations would like you to join:

Tumbler Ridge Citizens on Patrol Society(COPS) Ed Thiede 242-5576 and TR Cares (needs volunteer drivers) 242-7444.

The Tumbler Ridge Adult Community Choir is looking for new voices and an accompanist. NO AUDITIONS! Come and sing your hearts out!

Several other Arts and Crafts associations were at Mass Registration. They are always welcoming new members. Some of them are: The Tumbler Ridge Rippers Quilt Guild, TRUMP, Tumbler Ridge Arts Council and Grizzly Valley players.

Holly Lang, a new resident of Tumbler Ridge, is organizing a scrap booking club. 15 people signed up. She is hoping that enough people will be interested to have a scrap booking club meet once per month. For more information call 242-4712.

There is an emergency safe house in Tumbler Ridge for women and children who are escaping violence. Call 242-5505. The Tumbler Ridge Counseling Services program and the Mental Health and Addictions office were at the registration to let people know there is help available in Tumbler Ridge.

Other tables present: Darts, Royal Purple of Canada, TR Garden Club, TR Hospice and Palliative Care and Community Parties.

There were many tables at the community registration night. It is a great event that decreases the September frenzy for parents. It is also a wonderful event for newcomers to Tumbler Ridge. The majority of activities and organizations in town attend the event, making it easier for people to gather information on all groups that peak their interest. Another successful event!