Another Milestone ? paving the road

It is almost done. July 27th Blair Lekstrom announced that a portion of the highway between Tumbler Ridge and Dawson Creek was being paved this fall. Well, the paving is just about complete and what a difference it has made. A trip to Dawson Creek used to involve concentrating on the road, watching for animals and dodging potholes but now the trip is now smooth sailing. You still need to concentrate on the road and watch for animals, but there are no more potholes to dodge.

Peters Brothers were awarded the contract to do the paving and have made a point of hiring locally. As the road nears completion, local drivers have lots to say. ?The road is so smooth now, my shocks are thankful.? As one Tumbler Ridge resident said, ?If you are driving after dark, beware! The road is scary at night because everything is pitch black. You can?t see animals because the road is so dark. Driving during the day is great, the road is so smooth. I?m hoping they get lines soon, that will make a big difference.?

?For those of us who have seen the road change from a twisty-turvey gravel road to a straighter gravel road, to a paved road with lots of potholes and now to a smooth highway, this is a very welcome change,? says one longtime Tumbler Ridge resident. ?I haven?t even minded the ten minute waits at the flag people to get through.?

RCMP reminds you to watch your speed as the highway still has the same risks. The road hasn?t changed; the only thing that is different is the surface.