Anything can happen when kids read this summer. Kids can explore the weird and wondrous world of reading when they join the 2004 Summer Reading Club at the Library starting June 26th. This year, they will embark on an adventure to discover extraordinary inventions, astounding natural events, inexplicable phenomena, bizarre creatures, marvelous tales, wondrous myths and amazing people.

Join us for our Opening Ceremonies at the Library, June 26th at 1:30, and check out some FANTASTIC reading!! Guest speakers will be Paleontologist Rich McCrea and assistant Lisa Buckley. At that time, club members will receive a reading record, bookmark and stickers to help keep track of the books they have read. The reading log is a fun way to keep track of the books children read and a passport to stickers and great prizes. For readers leaving on holidays before this, they may pre-register at the Library any time. Kids of all ages can join this free club and receive a reading log and bookmark to start them on their reading expedition.

(Excerpt from BC Public Library)

At the end of the summer, expedition leaders, those children who fill at least one reading log, will get Summer Reading Club medals in recognition of their achievement. And throughout the summer kids can take part in the many Summer Reading Club programs offered by the Library. There will be Story Time in the Library, Monday through Friday, everyday at 3 pm., with Story Time/Craft Days, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3.

If you’ve ever been to the Library and watched the kids faces riveted to the Story Teller (I’ve had the pleasure of watching while Sharon Bray carried the kids along a trail of imagination and wonder) you can visualize future readers seeded here and nourished by positive fun programs like this. The Summer Reading Club reaches over 65,000 children in British Columbia. The children if they haven’t been hooked already are inspired by the Story tellers, their peers and the freedom to choose their own books, generating a lifelong learning process and love of reading that’s priceless!

Reading over the Summer! What a concept ! What an Opportunity! Bring em in