Arcas Consulting Archaeologists Ltd.

Arcas Consulting Archaeologists Ltd. is a welcome business to our Tumbler Ridge community. Craig Waters and Sarah Gamble, both archaeologists, opened an Arcas branch in early November in Tumbler Ridge.

Arcas offers a full range of professional consulting services related to archaeological sites and other forms of cultural heritage. Specializing in environmental assessments, Arcas has already established a working relationship with surrounding industries; oil and gas, forestry, highways, and mining.

The couple visited Tumbler Ridge to enjoy the entertainment of the Grizzfest this past summer. The opportunity arose to move to Tumbler Ridge, to service the needs of their clients in Northern British Columbia and surrounding areas, and they jumped at the chance. They will be volunteering their services to the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation (TRMF), and are preparing a presentation of archaeology in our area, for the Itchy Feet Series held at the library.

Water and Gamble, being avid outdoors people, are planning to establish a future in Tumbler Ridge, and explore the surrounding areas. Gamble ?strums a little? banjo and is inquiring with the musical groups in town. They have found the town to be welcoming and well cared for.