Artistic Welds new Tumbler Ridge business

Who is Deanna Warne and what does she do? I can answer those questions for you. Deanna is an artistic welder who moved to Tumbler Ridge two years ago from Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories.

Deanna has been welding for over 21 years, but has only been doing Mig welding over the past five years. Deanna taught herself to weld, and said she was ?always interested in welding?. She loved the fact that she could be her own boss and work any type of hours she wanted to.

Deanna has created many wonderful creations from metal roses to a humming bird on a hibiscus flower. She also creates custom wrought iron railings at affordable prices.

Like most artists, Deanna says she would like her work to be recognized. She may very well be on her way there, with some of her artwork being bought as far away as London, England. So take some time and check out some of Deanna?s wonderful and unique creations