Artists Workshops

During this anniversary year, many special celebrations have been planned and probably the biggest grouping of activities took place during Celebrations Week, August 1-6. While the town had events of all kinds going on, there was a smorgasbord of artists? activities going on at the Community Centre.

Room 3 served as a temporary art gallery for the visual artists group, Tumbler Ridge Artists (TRA). This group of approximately 11 artists ranging from painters to leather workmanship has been in existence since early 2006 and is also a member group of the Tumbler Ridge Community Arts Council.

The District of Tumbler Ridge offered the chance of application for a Celebrations Week Grant, to allow the recipient(s) $1200 to participate and contribute to Celebrations Week. This grant was available to anyone in Tumbler Ridge, without the conditions of many grants which can require a stricter criteria process. TRA was extremely pleased to receive this assistance and Began plans to convert room 3 for the duration of the week. All workshops were presented free and ran from 12-3 pm daily.

Starting on Monday, Augusr 1st, the first workshop was presented by Nick Ostashek creating leather key tags and bookmarks. Ostashek?s skills as a leather craftsman were resumed from a lengthy departure, when he moved to Tumbler Ridge several years ago.

August 2nd, Darcy Jackson and Amanda Weibe conducted a workshop called ?Flower Portraists?. Jackson is well known for her artistry in Tumbler Ridge, having been involved in the creation of the signpost as well as heading up the banner Project, which has resulted in the colourful flag banners hanging on town light posts.

August 3rd was Scrapbooking with Maureen Sywolos, who coached the public on creating a scrapbook page. This was the original basis of the shop Sywolos opened prior to turning it into TR Gallery.

August 4th saw arts council president Carole May Coty teaching Waterclours ? Loose and Free and made use of using cotton swabs rather than brushes to create watercolour paintings. Coty has an impressive following as an artist across Alberta and BC in several galleries.

August 5th was silk scarf painting with Mila Lansdowne who is current vice president of arts council. Lansdowne is a published photographer, with a beautiful photography book authored and photos by her.

August 6th was the final day of the Celebrations Arts Week and was an opportunity to have your child photographed by Jane Keast. Keast?s photographs have been displayed online at, as well as in the Community Centre art gallery from the beginning of August.

To further enjoy the works of TRA, they have a monthly showing in room 3 at the last weekend of each month. The week prior to that, they have a group showing in the Community Centre art gallery and also do individual showing there all month long. Artists who are not members of Tumbler Ridge Community Arts Council can also book this gallery space. Please call Tammy Pigeon 242-3048 for rates and scheduling.

Tumbler Ridge Artists is a team of visual artists chaired by Mila Lansdowne. For further information please contact her at 242-3389. For information conacting Tumbler Ridge Community Arts Council, call Carole May Coty at 242-4416 or Erin Hanna 242-3364 or