Arts and Culture Week – Our Legacy, Our Future

From April 25 to May 1, schools and communities across British Columbia will host a spectacular range of events to celebrate Arts and Culture Week and the dynamic arts and culture sector in our province. This marks the 5th year that performances, exhibitions, readings, workshops and festivities have highlighted the remarkable contribution that arts and culture make to the quality of life in British Columbia.

Arts and culture awaken our perceptions, convey new ways of understanding and enrich the quality of our lives. Schools with strong arts programs cite improved attendance and student motivation, renewed community participation, increased graduation rates and higher scores on standardized tests.

Communities that make arts and culture a priority discover economic benefits as well. In his groundbreaking book, The Rise of the Creative Class, acclaimed author and Professor of Economic Development Richard Florida states that, ?(Creativity) is the cornerstone of economic wealth…This is no longer about who can attract big box retailers, it?s about who can attract creative people.? Economist John Kenneth Galbraith has noted that, ?Those communities that are richest in their artistic tradition are also those that are the most progressive in their economic performance and most resilient and secure in their economic structure.?

Arts and Culture Week is coordinated by the Assembly of BC Arts Councils and ArtStarts in Schools with the support of the Province of British Columbia through the British Columbia Arts Council. These two organizations bring the significance of arts and culture into focus to help continue the legacy of creative schools and communities for future generations.

Join in the celebration by taking part in local Arts and Culture Week events. To learn about the events happening in your community or school district, visit