Arts and culture play a critical role in defining and enriching our communities, our unique BC identity, and the lives of all of us wherever we live. – Premier Gordon Campbell

[Your Community, BC]- Each year since 1999 schools and communities throughout British Columbia have celebrated the contribution of artists and of arts and culture during BC Arts and Culture Week. This year is no exception. Arts and Culture Week focuses on the importance of arts and cultural activity to the social and economic well-being of our communities, and to the province as a whole.

?Different cultural groups, expressing their aspirations in different art forms, add to the richness of our Society. It helps to build cross cultural understanding and harmony. It allows us to be in harmony with the Society and yet retain our distinctiveness.?. – Tung Chan, ceo, s.u.c.c.e.s.s.

Tumbler Ridge Community Arts Council (TRCAC) joins with EC?s community and regional arts councils, schools and arts and culture organizations to celebrate the 8th annual BC Arts and Culture Week, April 22nd to 28th, 2007.TRCAC plans to mark Arts and Culture Week with an early kick-off!

April 14 ? Java Jive Coffee House ? Presented by TRUMP- Community Centre Room 5 ? 7 ?10 pm -$2/admission

April 21 ? Steve Slade(Northern Musician) ? Presented by TR Public Library ? Daytime workshop and evening concert. Contact 242-4778.

April 21 ? TR Junior Idol Finals ? Presented by the District of Tumbler Ridge (Community Centre Programs) ? Community Centre ? Room 5 ? Contact 242-4246

April 22-28 ? Artist Workshops ? Presented by Tumbler Ridge Artists – Community Centre ? Room 3. Details to be posted

And be sure to check out the Community centre Gallery ? it will have several different icons of the many groups within the Arts Council.

Did you know…..?

? BC residents? spending on cultural goods and services grew by 45% between 1997 and 2005, about equal to the 44% rise in spending on all goods and services during the same period, and more than twice the rate of inflation (18%) in the same period.

? In 2005, BC consumers spent $160 million on live performing arts, 39% more than the $110 million spent in BC on live sporting events.

? British Columbians spent $3.6 billion on cultural goods and services in 2005 or 3.2% of total consumer spending in the province. This is more than four times the $780 million spent on culture in British Columbia by all levels of government in 2003/04.

CONTACT: Erin Hanna -TRCAC President ? 242-3364 or]