Arts Council Elects New Board

Saturday, January 19th marked the day for the Annual General Meeting for the Tumbler Ridge Community Arts Council (TRCAC). The local umbrella organization for arts and culture has been in existence for over 20 years..

The newly elected board includes president Erin Hanna and vice president Tammy Pigeon both in their 2nd term. As well, treasurer is Dawn Wagner, secretary Sherry Berringer and directors Bill Hendley, Barb Schuerkamp, Maureen Sywolos, Bev Kellough and Charissa Tonnesen.

TRCAC has enjoyed a very consistent board for many years, with all directors returning except for Tonnesen who is joining them for the first time. The Arts Council is an open-registration organization that welcomes new members.

Some progressive work was done by TRCAC in the past year, to bring increased professionalism and structure to the group. One of the purposes of the organization is and always has been to locally support and promote arts and culture in this community and surrounding areas. TRCAC has some important network ties to larger organizations that puts them in a good position to assist its Member Groups, Partner Groups and individuals with their efforts relating to arts and culture. Among the member groups are: TR Adult Community Choir, TR Ridge Rippers Quilt Guild, Tumbler Ridge Artists (visual artists), Theatre On The Ridge, TR Arts Show Committee (gallery space management), and Mid-Winter Review Crew

Among the Partner Groups, whose scope and responsibility go beyond arts and culture are: TR Public Library, TR Cares, the Museum Foundation, and TR Days Society. TRCAC is interested in developing relationships with other key groups in town. TRCAC has recently become a key group involved with a tourism committee shaped by the Community Tourism Foundations of Tourism BC.