Arts Council Hosts

Erin Hanna and Brian Bray from the TR Arts Council, performed ?Monkman Musings? for approximately 44 people at the Community Centre On June 20th. Of the 44 attendees, there were 39 students? grades six to eight from Upper Pine Elementary School in Fort St. John and St. Norbert School in Winnipeg.

Bray said that this was the first of four shows that will run monthly throughout the summer into September. ?This is kind of a practice run today which is why we invited people from other communities. They can provide us with feedback,? he said. The event was to commemorate and acknowledge the achievements of Alex Monkman, a pioneer from the Peace Region and other new explorers.

Bray began by performing the songs ?Everybody eats when they come to my house?, ?Explorers of the Peace,? and ?From the Indies to the Andes in his undies?.

Erin Hanna, who played the fictional pioneer character: ?Anne Kylosaur?, followed by giving a narrative chain of events that happened in the Peace Region during Monkman?s time. She also spoke to the audience about the newest explorers to the Peace Region like Daniel Helm, Mark Turner, Richard McCrea, and Lisa Buckley.

A questionnaire was handed out to the audience with five questions that related to the topics in Hanna?s narrative. All of the participants that had all five answers correct entered into a draw for a Therapod footprint cast. The lucky winner, India Summer Cloud, was very pleased to be able to bring home a commemorative piece of history.