At a Glance – around Tumbler Ridge

Mimi Greengrass had a baby boy, born May 13 at 2:51am. His name is Brody Fidele and he weighed in at a healthy 7lbs 4oz.

?Tuesday, Ladies Night Golf started. Thursday, Men?s night started. The golf course is open and ready for business. The planned restaurant opening is Friday, May 21st.


?Cranfor Tree Farm License 48, Forest Development Plan major amendment. Council received input from Charles Helm, of the Wolverine Nordic and Brian Sipe from TAC (Tourism Advisory Council) concerning visual quality concerns in the Monkman Park.


? Mayor and Council attended a North Central Municipalities Association meeting in Fort Nelson, May 12-16th.

-Council held special meetings to establish a tax rate bylaw for 2004. Watch for tax notices scheduled to arrive on or before June 11th.

?There have been several reports of an albino deer between Dawson Creek and Tumbler Ridge. Keep an eye out for it ? rare and really beautiful!


? Take extra precautions with your garbage. Make sure the lids on your containers are on securely, and store your garbage in the garage between pick-ups if at all possible. We have had several bears in town, both black and grizzly, in the last week or two so let?s do our best to avoid enticing these animals. A bear can smell ripe garbage from several miles away. Leaving garbage out is like ringing the dinner bell!