Many groups and clubs in town are making ready for their spring – summer activities. One very important group is missing and that is an OFF ROAD VEHICLE CLUB.

There are hundreds of machines in town operated by young and old alike. Our surrounding area attracts many more outsiders. We do have a few backcountry roads but no established trails. The possibility of using existing programs or by joining a club or for more one could be extremely helpful for all enthusiasts including parents of young riders. The COHV Canadian Off Highway Vehicle Council has made grants available to the TV/BC organization to promote projects. Here are a few


1. Trail building across the nation.

2. Youth safety programs.

3. Low insurance rates for riding on Forest Service Roads.

4. Pay the teacher to teach (Rider Training).

5. A whole catalogue of signs is available.

As a rider and from information gathered from other riders and those under 16, I have found we all have the same concerns.

To see what I am talking about visit ATV/BC then hit Elkford ATV Club or direct at

Wow?are they ever progressing. They can ride their machines from home to the nearest out-of-town trail.

We all have dreams and ideas. Imagine receiving funding to construct a safe trail to Quality Lake. The kids would love it. To quad there now is illegal. How about Moose Lake?? Over the mountains to Prince George, Hmmmm. 70 Mile House has a 350 KM long trail to Revelstoke.

Many communities have pay and ride trails.

The BC Government is encouraging American tourists to being their ATV?s to BC. Apparently, tourism has dropped drastically. Our local Forest Fire burn area could easily become a huge ATV park. Pay and ride would generate revenue. Whether you?re a weekend warrior or a laid back easygoing trail rider, we all have to protect our right to ride!

If someone in town would like to start a club, I can help. Call Gordie 250-242-4586. Also available is the Quad Riders Association of British Columbia ? 1st Vice President, Jeff Mohr. He would like me to start the ball rolling first.

In the meantime ? All ATV enthusiasts? sign up for a quad buddy phone list. Available sheets are at both mines, Tags and Super Value.

Happy Trails

Gordy Graham