Aww, Geek out!

Jade Steckley


When Daniel and I went to see the avengers, many of my friends had seen it and gave great reviews. I loved it, and was excited to learn that almost all of the superheroes had at least one movie to themselves. When I started watching those, my friends were amused, but seemed to understand. Although I started getting bugged a bit “oh you and your superhero movies!” They would say.

Then, when people hear that Daniel and I went to see Star Trek, into Darkness. I got downright made fun of.

So yes, over the past couple of years I have found a niche in the type of movies an literature I like. Some may label it nerdy or geeky, and it may be, but I still a little bit caught in the middle with it. I’m not normal enough to be considered normal, and I’m not nerdy enough to be considered a nerd. I didn’t grow up reading comics or anything, and am definitely not an expert. I have, however, developed a growing appreciation and respect for the people behind these characters.

Batman, The Avengers, firefly,Sherlock, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, James Bond, Chuck; they are all movies and shows that I love, and here’s why:

-they are full of action

-they have plenty of violence, but it’s not the gory violence like is in many action movies.

-the plot lines are well thought out, and keep you guessing!

-they are FUNNY. And not inappropriate crude funny (not that I for enjoy movies like that occasionally), but the smart humor and witty sarcasm are enough to keep me coming back for more!

-the villains are as like able as the hero. Not for the same reasons, but I usually like them all the same. They are dynamic and pretty brilliant, usually have some aspect about them that’s attractive (think Khan, Loki, and Moriarty), and are always entertaining. Joss Whedon has argued that villains should be so well written that they could be the hero in their own movie.

-they have a little bit of everything. Bits of romance, action, great fight scenes, humor, and braininess (if that’s a word!)

-they are classics, and a genre that I don’t mind introducing to my girls as they get older.

-Joss Whedon, Stan Lee, and Steve Moffatt, among others are some of the most clever writers I have come to know and love.

In conclusion, I think I have pretty good reasons for liking the movies and books that I do, even if it does come with a label. There are worse things I could be labelled, right? My favorite part is that Daniel loves them as much as I do. It makes for some great dates!

My Pinterest followers can rest easy though. I pin a few of my favorite quotes…like I said before, many are simply brilliant! However, I keep most of my weirdness, nerdiness, whatever you want to call it, on secret boards. That being said, if anyone wants to join my secret boards, I’d be happy for the company!

If you’ve never seen any of the movies listed above, may I recommend them all to you….along with anything else in the same category that I haven’t quite gotten into yet, like The Hobbit or Harry Potter.

As Irene Adler would say, “brainy is the new sexy!”