B.C. Seniors Games.

Who ever heard of B.C. Seniors Games? Using the words Seniors and games in the same sentence seems ridiculous. Seniors don?t play games.

In Tumbler Ridge we have a couple named Mike and Joan Sidwell. For those of you who have never met them I will tell you they fall in the ?Seniors? category but they are far from OLD people. Mike and Joan are nearly always looking for ways to improve life in TR whether helping with trail maintenance for WNMS, working with the museum foundation, helping out at the golf course or just trying to find something else to do. They somehow heard of the B.C. Seniors Games taking place in Nanaimo this year and attended a meeting out of town with regard to same. As a result they came back to town and immediately started trying to interest several of us in trying out for the games. Now I love to read, eat, play cards, eat, nap and eat but I couldn?t believe that any of those things would prepare me for the B.C. Seniors Games. Surely you would have to be a mountain climber or distance runner or something. ?Not so? says Joan. If you play cards they have cribbage, bridge, and whist as well as chess, badminton, table tennis, floor curling, bowling, golf, archery, bocce and many, many other activities.

Okay, now she has my interest piqued. Maybe I could get in a game of crib, as I am fairly good at that, and I wouldn?t have to break out too much of a sweat. Maybe if I agree to this I?ll get this woman off my back. I find out when the cribbage playdowns are (May 5) and where (Hudson Hope) and prepare to go there. But wait a minute . . . I have no intention of spending the money to go to Nanaimo to take part in the games, so why drive all the way to Hudson Hope for a game of cribbage. All I have to do is walk down the block and I can play with Margaret or Howard. Forget cribbage.

A few weeks later a few of the girls are talking about going to the golf playdowns in Ft. St. John. I still have no intention of going to Nanaimo and Lord only knows I?m not that good a golfer, but it would be fun to go with the girls to Ft. St. John and play Lakepoint Golf Course. Have wanted to play there for some time and here?s my excuse.

To make this long story short we decided we WOULD go after all. With that decision came the realization that we would have to raise some money to help with expenses. With the generosity of several people in and around TR we have done that. I will be thanking you all later but must go and pack now. Five of us leave early Monday morning to catch the charter bus in Chetwynd. Those 5 do NOT include Mike and Joan who started this whole thing in the first place. Joan is awaiting eye surgery so can?t get away. ?We shall miss you Joan?. I?m hoping to tell you all about it when we get back so all you other Senior?s can prepare for next year.

TR Senior Brings Home the Gold

Well, we are back and what a time we had. The trip down was a little uncomfortable as the air conditioned bus wasn?t air conditioned. This was back on September 10 and it was darn hot that day.

We arrived in Nanaimo the night of the 11th, put our gear away, and prepared for the fun ahead. We all registered on the 12th, got our goody bags and away we went. Some of us played a pratice round on the course we would play later and others went for a day to themselves.

Thursday was the big day and on to the courses we went. Colleen Gies played on 1 course while Martha Kennedy and myself played on another. For those of you who golf I?ll mention the greens were just like glass and very hard to read. Then friday we played again. When we had finished we were taken to the conference room at one of the course and heard the results.

Hooray!!!!!!!!! Martha Kennedy won a bronze medal and Colleen Gies won THE GOLD. Who would have thunk it?? After the presentations there was a dinner and evening of dance. All in all there were 19 medals brought home on the bus out of 53 people. More importantly we all had a super time.

For those of you who may be interested they are starting up floor curling in the rec centre in the hopes some will enjoy it and qualify for next years Seniors Games in Prince George. Later we are hoping they will have carpet bowling as well.

To sum up we could not have made the trip without the community support from the following:

JR Carwash TR Golf & Country Club

Men?s night at the course (Thank you so much guys) Ed Kennedy, Gerry Fraser, Jamie Nickerson, Margaret Ash, Scott Trim One Stop Video Grizzly Crane Dittner Ventures Tumbler Ridge Sand & Gravel Dawson Creek Co-Op

Thank you so much from Colleen, Martha and myself