Back Country hiking trails receive some new amenities

Thanks to Al Rodine of the Ministry of Forests, the component parts of two fine outhouses were delivered to Tumbler Ridge a few weeks ago, along with paint and latches.

One has already been assembled and installed by Wayne Kopec?s team at the trailhead of the popular Bergeron Falls and Bergeron Creek trails. The second has been painted by Jen Becker, and will soon be carried to the Cabin Pool dinosaur fooprint site by Stacey Lajeunesse?s team, where it will be installed an appropriate distance from the creek.

The need for these facilities reflects the increasing popularity of the hiking trail system. Thanks to the Ministry of Forests and the hard-working WNMS volunteers, hikers and dino fanatics will now enjoy an improved standard of back-country ablution, while the environmental integrity of these popular sites will be enhanced.