Backstage Pass

For a performer, few things beat the excitement mixed with nerves just prior to hitting the stage. Over time a performer can become more at ease, almost comfortable on stage, but ask anyone who is just starting out, or has no desire to be on stage about that.

Oddly enough, there are instances of families in entertainment who have the occasional family member completely uninterested in taking center stage. When you feel the upswing of the stage, why would anyone want to remain backstage, or in the audience at all?

Ah there?s the rub. Perhaps this certain group has yet to experience the fun and excitement. But above all else there should be a team in place. A team who genuinely enjoys being in an ensemble, with no swelled egos and self-simportance. All for one and one for all.

But back to the backstage – the thrill of the sound system pumping a vibrato bass through giant speakers. The warmth of the spotlights bathing the stage in varied colours. The nervous tension in the air, palpable when you?re waiting for that one word or cue to step one foot onto the stage and into the bright spotlight. The always-frightening realization that if you trip?

Also backstage is the extremely important crew. Sound and lighting techs, stagehands to move props, pin costumes, adjust wigs and remember everything an actor may have forgotten as they head into that hypnotic spotlight. Being a stagehand embodies the idea that you are willing to hustle and bustle and exist merely on the thanks of those you help, rather than gain the accolades of the audience who enjoyed the show.

Anyone interested in joining Theatre On The Ridge ? Grizzly Valley Players is welcome. We need actors, backstage crew, sound and light technicians, stage managers and stagehands. All the world?s a stage! Contact Erin Hanna 242-3364 or Also ? we are always happy to help you clean out your closets and rid you of items you no longer need – for our prop and costume inventory.