Band-Aid Teddy Bears

Lynsey Kitching

(l-r) Debbie Dickerson, Karen Conroy, Janne McAlder, Janet Delpierre, Joan Zimmer and Darryl Krakowa. Back row: Brent Krakowa and Dave Price.
The volunteer paramedics for Tumbler Ridge Band-Aids are raising funds to purchase brown teddy bears with Paramedic vests to bring a smile and comfort to injured babies, children and elderly patients while in their care. 
The minimum quantity they can buy is 1,200 so this would cost about $12,000. The Lions Club has already donated about $260 and the Shop Easy staff raised about $700. There are plans for fundraising events to sell the bears at a higher cost and use those funds to buy more bears to keep an ongoing supply for the future. Donations are being accepted no matter how small. If you would like to donate, contact Darryl Krakowka at 250-257-1205.